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Just arrived home from a camp and nearly had a stroke when I saw this
Thank you Andrew <33
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An Open Letter to Victor Kim


Dear Victor,

Hello! You may not know me, but I am a fan. I had to reach out to you after you publicly revealed that you have been battling Clinical Depression. My first reaction was utter shock… Victor?! Really?! This can’t be! Every time I would see you on TV, in movies, YouTube, or even listen…

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This was so heartbreaking to read. I was lucky enough to meet Victor 2 years ago and all that I can say is that he is the kindest and sweetest person in the entire world. He really was the most adorable thing and those couple minutes I spent talking to him were some of the best of my life. It’s sad to think that most of us became selfish about his absence in past years. 
Victor, if you do read this, I want you to know that we’ll support you no matter what and that we love you for who you are. You’re a huge inspiration to so many people and you deserve the happiness that you’ve given to so many of us.
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I’ll be kinda inactive for a couple months because of some major exams. Promise I’ll be back to posting soon! -Sheryll

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"Baby after all this time, I was looking in the wrong place. It was never about the drink, its about your taste."

- Coffee Shop Love, Ryan Higa ft. Josh Golden
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I miss this 😭😭😭 #chestersee #dtrix #ryanhiga #kevjumba
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Andrew Garcia.

Such a great person who is a singer/songwriter.
Always listen to his music and his covers!

Thanks for the music & more!
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